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Scientific Israel-Technological Advantages, vol.20,no.1,2018

M. Ioelovich
Green Chemistry and Technology of Plant Biomass 3
M. Ioelovich
Influence of Hydrolysis Conditions on Production of Cellulose Nanocrystalline Particles 13
P. Kudryavtsev
Composite Materials for Manufacture of Water Destroyable Form-Forming Equipment 21
P. Kudryavtsev, O. Kudryashova, A. Elokhov
Solubility, Density and Freezing Temperature in Multicomponent Systems with Potassium
and Calcium Nitrates and Chlorides 40
K.K. Kombayev, L.I. Kveglis, S.E.Sandybay, A.T.Shokputova
Technology of Electrolytum-Plasma Treatment of Aluminum Alloys 46


O.G. Pensky
Mathematical Model of Efficient Formation of Public Consciousness by Mass Media 55


• 22nd Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference,
Portland OR, USA, June 180-20,2018 63
• Annual Global Experts Meet on Green Chemistry and Engineering,
Tokyo, Japan, May 07-08, 2008 64
• 8th APMAS2018 International Advances and in Applied Physics & Materials
Science Congress and Exhibition,
Sentido Luka Resort, Oludeniz, Turkey, April 24-30, 2018 65

Scientific Israel-Technological Advantages, vol.20,no.2,2018

M. Ioelovich
Green Technology of Microcrystalline Cellulose 3
E.K.Shahbazov, E.А.Kazimov, Т.R.Yusifova
Strength Properties of the Nanostructured Hardened Cement Paste 8
M.J.M. Abadie
Controlling Three-Dimensional Network for Marine and Aeronautical Applications 15
V. Zelenkov, A. Lapin, T. Belonozhkina ,N.Voropaeva, V. Karpachev , O.Figovsky
Total Antioxidant Activity of Plantes in Dynamics 27
V. Gurevich , A. Kozlov. M. Kozlov
Concept of Development the Mediterranean Coastal Territory of Israel 35
P. Kudryavtsev
Preparation of Initial Compositions in the Manufacture of Water-Dissolved
Form-Forming Elements 41


O. Figovsky
Investment and Inventions 53
A. Zabuty
Who, Where and How to Train Agricultural Specialists In Israel 59


International Symposium on Precision Engineering and Sustainable Manufacturing
PRESM 2018, Sapporo, Japan 67

Scientific Israel-Technological Advantages, vol.20,no.3,2018

M. Ioelovich
Practical Waxs Method for Determination of Distortions and Sizes
of Cellulose Crystallites 3
E.Shahbazov, E.Kazimov, S. Babayev, K. Huseynli
Studying the Rheological Properties of Curative Naftalan Oil
with Nanosystem of Silver Composition 12
S.M. Tarasov, A.N. Ivankin
Preparation of Nano Micro Dispersions of Modified
Carbamide Formaldehyde Oligomers of Enhanced Stability 25
P. Kudryavtsev
Composition, Structure and Properties of Porous Heat-Resistant
Composite Materials (Review) 33
P. Kudryavtsev
Colloidal Solutions in the Preparation of Inorganic Composites and Ceramics 59


O. Figovsky
Innovations and Culture — YinYan of the Modern Civilization 73


5th International Conference on Competitive Materials and Technology
Processes, Hungary, October 8-12, 2018 81

The Magazine «NBICS-Science. Technologies» 82

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