100-story Tel Aviv tower planned to be Israel’s tallest building



Photo: Location, 10 Al Parashat Drakhim St., Tel Aviv

100-story Tel Aviv tower planned to be Israel’s tallest building

Residential and commercial tower next to Tel Aviv’s Savidor railway station would reach height of 400 meters (1,300 feet) • Moshe Aviv Tower in Ramat Gan, Israel’s tallest building since 2001, recently overtaken by Sarona Tower.

Hezi Sternlicht

Photo credit: Courtesy of Miloslavsky Architects


Plans for a 100-story tower to be constructed on the border between Tel Aviv and Ramat Gan have been submitted to the Tel Aviv Regional Planning and Building Committee.

If approved and built, the so-called «Tower Between Cities» will be Israel’s tallest building, reaching a height of 400 meters (1,300 feet).

The plans, by Guy Miloslavsky and Amnon Shwartz from Miloslavsky Architects, call for the tower to be built between Shefa Tal and Jabotinsky streets next to Tel Aviv’s Savidor Central Railway Station and a light rail station currently under construction. It is designed to contain private apartments as well as offices, shops, and a hotel. The adjacent lot will be able to accommodate two additional six-story buildings.

The plans were delivered to the committee on Monday, and will have to overcome a number of hurdles before being approved.

Since 2001, the 235-meter (771-foot) Moshe Aviv Tower in Ramat Gan has been the tallest building in Israel. It was recently overtaken by the Azrieli Sarona Tower in Tel Aviv, which is still under construction and currently reaches 238.5 meters (782.5 feet). Construction also recently ended on the 57-story «low» Shachar Tower in Givatayim, east of where the new project would go up, which topped out at 195 meters (640 feet)

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Ilustration: 100-story Tel Aviv tower planned to be Israel’s tallest building



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