Dear Sirs!



Dear Sirs!

There is a new author’s method of treating arthritis without drugs. Green medicine. There is a formal examination with the positive result of the US Patents Committee. There is a conclusion of the US Patent Office on the prospect of obtaining a US patent. We need an investor worth $ 2.5 million to conduct a confirmatory biological experiment and a clinical study. All work will take 3 years (biological experiment — 1 year + clinical research — 2 years). Then the receipt and sale of a patent on the market of medical services. For this work, much has been prepared in Israel.


Illustration: Dreamstime


Об авторе

Александр Забутый

Академик , профессор, доктор сельскохозяйственных наук( Ph.D.Animal science); главный редактор и издатель журнала


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